Our Structure

Our operation is a well defined professional practice guided by the zeal to offer qualitative and unparalled services to all our esteemed clients.
For easy coordination and administration of our activities, our operation is sub-divided into:-
i. General Administration
ii. Human Resources Development and Management Consulting.
iii. Physical Planning Projects and Development Consulting.
The General Administration is headed by the Chief Executive (CE) Tpl. Remi Makinde.fnitp,ppnitp.rtp,apa to whom all other partners also report to. He rose through the ranks to become the Director of Town Planning Services in Lagos State, a position he held for 11years before he retired in July, 1999 at the age of 60 years.
The Physical Projects Unit is headed by Tpl. Kunle Fafiola who is a seasoned Town Planning, Estate Surveying and Transportation Planning Expert.

Company Organogram