Scope of Services

FRONTLINE CONSULTANTS offers consulting services in Town Planning, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Land Surveying, Housing/Estate Development, Structural/Civil Engineering, Human Resources and Staff Development Matters.

A.        Town Planning

i)          Preparation of Urban and Rural Master Plans;
ii)         Preparation of Development Plans;
iii)        Land Use Planning: Commercial, Residential and Industrial Layout;
iv)      Preparation of Environmental Impact Analysis Report/Technical Report;
v)         Town Planning Advocacy;
vi)        Layout of Institutional Area (Campus Planning);
vii)    Landscape Planning for Tourist Attractions, Recreational Parks,
Gardens, etc; and
viii)      Project Management.

B.         Architectural

i)        Brief Formation.
ii)       Scheme Development;
iii)     Architectural Documentation;
iv)      Presentation and Production Drawings;
v)        Details and Specification Drawings;
vi)       Tendering Procedures; and
vii)     Supervision of Construction Works.

C.         Land Surveying
i)        Aerial Surveys, Mapping from Aerial Photographs, Remote Sensing, Imagery and major Hydrographic Survey;
ii)       Perimeter Surveys;
iii)       Topographical Surveys;
iv)       Detail Surveys;
v)        Consultancy Services in Mapping and Surveying
vi)      Control Survey; and
vii)     Special Survey.

D.         Quantity Surveying

  1. Preliminary Estimation and Budgeting;
  2. Preparation of Feasibility Studies/Report of Projects;
  3. Technical Advice on the Building Cost Relationship of Alternative Site and Forms of Construction;

iv)      Preparation of Final Approximate Estimate and Cost Plan;
v)        Cost Advice on Alternative Form of Construction Based on Comparative Estate;
vi)       Technical Advice on the Appropriate Form of Contract;
vii)     Preparation of Tendering Documents and Obtaining of tenders;
viii)    Negotiation of Contract;
ix)       Preparation of Final Budget and Projected Cash Flows Figures;
x)        Valuation of Work in Progress;
xi)       Scheduling of Materials Quantities; and
xii)      Project Management.

E.          General Civil Engineering

i)       Building Construction; and
ii)      Structural Engineering.

F.         Estate Management and Property Development (in collaboration with Kunle Fafiola & Co.)

  1. Ajao Estate Scheme II Extension, Anthony Village, Lagos (6 Acres)
  2. Misteekay Residential Estate, Badore – Ajah, Lagos (2 Acres)
  3. Goshen Residential Estate, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos (2 Acres)
  4. Estate of Late Madam Adedumola Adesanya, Adeba-Ajah, Lagos (2½ Acres)
  5. Kajola Investment Co. Plc Estate, GRA Ikeja, Lagos (1 Acre) etc.

G.       Human Resources and Staff Development Training Department

  1. Formulation of Human Resources Training Programme on Contemporary Issues.
  2. Training Programme Facilitating.
  3. Defining in-house Training Needs for Employees.
  4. Consultancy Services on Re-engineering Ailing Companies.
  5. Management Staff Recruitment.
  6. Consultancy Services to jump start Newly Formed Companies.
  7. Feasibility Studies Write-up.